Bingo Cards

Bingo is a game that is simple enough for the whole family, but in the bingo halls transforms into dynamic and fast-paced entertainment. Bingo cards are typically made from paper or cardboard. Players use a special kind of marker called a dauber that blots out the numbers as they are called. After the play is finished, the cards are thrown away.

Cards have 25 numbers on each card and are a random selection from numbers 1 – 75. Players may get a “free” spot located in the very center square of the card. Numbers are generally distributed based on the vertical columns. Across the top of the card BINGO is spelled. Under “B”, are the numbers 1 – 15, 31 – 45 is under “I”, and so on. Players daub the numbers called into a row or column of five. The first player to get a row or column of 5 calls BINGO and wins the jackpot.

There are some special bingo cards that are called double action cards. On these cards, each space has two numbers. When the dealer calls either number in the square, you mark it and blot out that square. This game, as you may imagine, plays really fast. A different type of bingo card is used in the variation of “You Pick Them Bingo”. The card is empty and you fill in the numbers before the caller begins. The player keeps one copy and gives one to the floor supervisor so that there is no cheating.

Depending on the place that you are playing your bingo game, you may see a variety of bingo cards. With so many ways to play and win, bingo has been a favorite for generations. Get your dauber ready and play the version that best suits you.

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