Stud Poker

There are many variations of stud poker, but the term refers to a mix of cards dealt to players both face up and face down. All cards are dealt to the player, unlike the community card varieties that are so popular nowadays. Stud poker has been the staple in poker for hundreds of years and considered ground zero for learning the basics of the game.

Seven-Card Stud poker is the most commonly played variation of stud you might see. “Two for one” (2, 4, 1) is a mnemonic device some people use to keep the deals straight in their head. This means that the dealer will deal each player two cards down, four cards up, and one final card down. Let’s look at this further.

The first three cards are dealt to each player with their first two face-down and the third face-up. All players can see that face up card and the player with the lowest card will pay the “bring-in” and from there the betting continues clockwise.

Next, the dealer will deal another card to each player face up. Another round of betting or the chance to fold is given between each new card dealt. This continues until each player has been dealt two cards down, four cards up and then the final card down. All players that are still in the game make their way to the “showdown”. The players reveal their attempt at the best five-card poker hand from their seven total cards.

Seven-Card Stud is one of many versions of stud poker. There is also a popular lowball version called Eight or Better. The rules are the same, but the object is to have the lowest possible five-card poker hand to win the pot. It is a great idea to add poker variations to your portfolio since it gives you more experiences to bring to the table. Remember HORSE is a popular multi-game poker tournament option that includes: Holdem, Omaha poker, Razz, Seven-Card Stud and Eight or Better. Stud poker is fun and easy to play.

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