Roulette Systems

Watch out for healers and snake oil salesmen; they will break your heart and empty your wallet. While you are looking for the “silver bullet” solution to beat roulette, you may find yourself meeting these same unsavory types. Roulette is a game that is synonymous with the luxury of casinos and luck. Don’t forget exactly what is going on in roulette when you consider the roulette systems available.

A system is available for every game in the casino. A system typically makes use of expert math and fancy equations of probability to give you a real advantage. Systems can be really useful in card games or games where the variability changes as the game progresses. Roulette is unique in the casino in that every single spin of the wheel could result in any number every single time. The fact is that every single spin is independent of the next, and you are encouraged to remember that as you search for a roulette system.

Some roulette systems that you may find rely on physical imperfections in the roulette wheel’s mechanism. Nowadays it is very unlikely that the wheel is heavier on one side since equipment in casinos is tested very often for a mechanical bias. Some systems you may find available also claim to track the movement of the wheel and when you wear this “tool” it can tell you what number the ball will stop on.

Other systems claim to use miles of complicated mathematical equations telling you when to bet and when to not bet. It is far from fool-proof and, in fact, usually these are less “math” and more like a money-management system. A money management system is a good strategy for every player of every game in the casino but never promises to make you money; it will “manage” your money.

The last option you may hear about is following trends. There is nothing truly scientific or not even remotely perfect about this, but it is a way to feel like an active participant in the game. Following trends requires you to check out a few games that are going on around you. Watch as the numbers are posted above the table and listen for a pattern. For example, if you hear a table has hit a red, red, red, red slot, then you would be wise to bet on a black slot.

Roulette systems are some of the most curious in the casino to research. Remember that roulette promises you a random spin every single time. Systems are generally proved to be incompetent at delivering what they promise since the fail to address the randomness of roulette. Wise players stick to strict money management tactics and enjoy the thrill of the unique game of roulette.

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