Video Poker Strategy and Tips

Since the 70s, video poker has been a favorite in the casinos. This game is an outstanding game for all types of players and bankrolls. Incredibly, this is the one game in the casino where a skilled player has advantage over the house. If you are ready to join the legions of players, there are some good tips and strategies to keep secured under your belt.

Remember that video poker is a game of skill. If you play this game consistently and with strategy, you will see good payout. There are several varieties of video poker like Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild and progressive games. Research the individual differences for each game and know the best strategy for the game you are playing.

In general, you should ask the casino for which machines the employees play at. That may seem a bit hokey, but it’s good to feel like you are sitting at a loose machine. Choose your video poker games wisely. For example, Jacks or Better is a favorite since it is good for small and large bankrolls. Jokers Wild may tempt you with a high payout; however, it is an expensive variation to play.

Watch out for progressive jackpots. They are very alluring, but make sure it is worth playing maximum coins to play and that the jackpot is worth playing for. Payout schedules are vital to understand. You may expect to get a “full pay” but only eligible for a “short pay”. Understanding the difference of these options is essential to feel satisfied.

Online video poker is an easy transition since it feels the same in the casino as online. Again, it is important to see that the payout schedule is clearly understood and not vastly different than the on land payouts. Play for free and get comfortable with the many versions and payout schedules.

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