Roulette Rules and Overview

For hundreds of years, roulette has been a game played all over the world. From the French for “small wheel”, roulette is a game of chance and very easy to learn. Next to the wheel is the roulette table layout with all of the betting options laid out for you to choose from. The roulette wheel has 36 numbers alternating black and red. There is a zero (0) and on the American roulette wheel, there is also a double zero (00).

The house is represented by a croupier and dealer that keep the roulette wheel spinning and watch the players waging bets on the table. The metal ball is placed in a groove at the top of the roulette wheel and released to spin in the opposite direction. As the metal ball starts to lose its momentum it falls into the numbered slots, or “pockets”. Typically this is when the croupier will call an end to all bets and as the ball skips and hops to its final pocket, you can hold your breath in anticipation!

To enter the excitement of the game is simple. Place your bet on the table choosing the inside or outside bets. Outside bets are a lower payout because of their higher chance of hitting. Outside bets include betting on the even or odd, black or red, dozens or columns. Inside bets are much tougher to hit and therefore have a higher payout. An inside bet would be choosing one number, a combination or a few numbers such as the split, corner, or six line.

There are two major varieties of roulette that are played around the world. Look at the wheel to see if you are playing European roulette with one zero, or if you are playing on an American roulette table with both the zero and double zero. Depending on the version that you are playing it will greatly affect your odds. Also, the European roulette game offers additional rules for you to take advantage of the house edge.

Whether you choose the American or European roulette games, there are multitudes of ways for you to practice. Thanks to the ease and convenience of the online casinos, you can practice for free and put all the various rules into play.