Video Poker

Video Poker Rules and Overview

Forget everything you think you know about video poker! Video poker is an electronic machine that you can find in many surprising places including some airports, bars and casinos. Video poker is a favorite all over the world for its breathtaking graphics and super easy rules to learn. The major misconception is that video poker is something random like a slot machine, when in fact it is a poker game that you play against yourself.

Video poker often offers the very best odds out of every game in the casino. This little secret is getting out and means that you need to check out the specific payout of the machine that you are playing at. Feed the machine with coins to get it started. The game will have a specific payout schedule for the game you are playing. This payout schedule is placed right above or below the action and should be your goal in the game. You will be given a first deal on the screen and you can choose to discard and draw for a final hand that pays out based on that pay schedule on your game screen.

Video poker requires strategy and a consistent style of play to move forward successfully. For those players that are “old hat” with poker, video poker is a great tool to practice solid strategy. With no other players to bluff and posture against, you rely on pure skill. Pure skill is at the heart of why this game offers such great odds.

Something that really gets players excited is the progressive jackpot opportunity. Like slot machines, there is a chance to win a progressive jackpot on top of your game winnings. In order to take part in the progressive jackpot, note the requirements of your game. Usually you must play “maximum coins” to be a part of that jackpot.

Video poker is easy and the varieties are endless. If you know how to play poker, then you are ready to jump in. If you are new to poker, video poker is the perfect way to perfect your strategy before playing against bluffers in a standard poker game.