Casinos are Changing their Mindset about Online Casinos

The Online casinos have created more enemies than the friends, since their invention. Formerly, the NFL and some key members were considered as the biggest enemies of the online casinos, now one more player has joined the bandwagon of the enemies of the online casinos and that is none other than their physical counterpart, brick-and-mortar casinos. Analyst predicated that the advent of the online casinos will help to make the casino games like poker more popular among the people and which will help the traditional casinos to receive more gamblers. But the physical casinos have never been able to take the invention of online casinos easily. They take the online casinos more as a foe than a friend.

The Odds are Going in Favor of the Physical Ones

Every wrong thing with the online casinos or poker was always welcomed by the physical casinos with a great enthusiasm. Now, when some key members of the American congress are lobbying to impose some restrictions on the online poker, the physical casinos are supporting this lobby with their tails up. There was an article of the great columnist came up in the recent past, which narrated the online gambling is illegal, wrongly. But there were some good points against the online gambling in that article.

The Naked Truth

The American Gaming Association, which is formed of giant casinos like Wynn Resorts, MGM Grand, Harrah’s Entertainment have changed their opinion after the publication of Barney Frank’s bill, which suggested that every company, which disobeyed the UIGEA should be banned, not only the online gambling sites. From this fact, one thing that comes into the picture that no one is fully authentic or legal here. So, if the online casinos can face the restriction, then there is something for their physical counterpart also. This point was highlighted by the Meiser’s article.

The Article Went Further

That Time’s article went further some unbelievable facts. According to that article casino giants like Harrah’s Entertainment has spending money in lobbying against the online poker. Physical casinos don’t show any panic reaction about the article, because in that article, the topic mentioned was only the online poker. Poker is contributing less than mere 2% of revenues to the physical casinos. If the article was about the online gambling, then there should be a lungs-out protest from the physical casinos.

The Future of Online Poker

Though there is not much chance of the bill getting passed in the current year or ever; but, still there is a rear is lurking round the corner as far as online gambling is concerned. Online gamblers are hoping that this bill will never pass. The scenario also seems like that. If people are allowed to make bets at a physical casino, then is there any point in making the online casinos restricted? Not seeming like a valid point at all. Yes, there should be some restrictions to eradicate frauds and the gamblers community will welcome that.