Craps Strategy

Craps is the most exciting communal game in the entire casino. Not only is it dynamic, but did you know that craps offers the best odds in the entire casino? Well, that is a fact. Of course, the casino is not just going to give the money away to you, have to know how to wager the smart bets. So let’s talk about your craps strategy.

Roll two dice, and there are more ways to total a 7 than any other number. Sounds good right? That means the player has advantage on the come out roll. The most basic bet is the “pass line” bet. When you bet with the shooter on the “pass line”, you win if he wins. The next step in wagering strategy is to use the “odds bet”. After the shooter has thrown the come out roll and established a point, you can place a bet on this point. The odds are double in the casino and sometimes pay six times in online casinos. This is considered to be the best bet in the casino and you should learn to use it to its full advantage.

In the end, remember that all games are indeed set for the house to win over the long term. Strategies are great for short term and should be used with much care. There is no “silver bullet” or system that will crack the house odds. However, the “odds bet” in craps is pretty darn close.

One more bet that is a good idea is the “come bet”. The come bet is something like a delayed pass line bet. It can be a good way to spread your interests. If a player has thrown the dice and got a point number, you can place a “come bet” when the shooter is trying to hit that point number again. If he throws a 7 or 11, you win. If he craps out, so do you.

Sometimes there is a slight advantage for you to bet on the “Don’t Pass” and “Don’t Come” lines, but this is actually considered taboo. You are more than welcome to do it, but you may find yourself a pariah amongst a group of happy craps enthusiasts. There are several other options on the craps layout, but these three are all you really need to work with to get your optimal odds out of the game. Simple, right? Watch a game as it unfolds in the casino or online. Free games online are a great way to get comfortable with the crazy terms and fast action.

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