Craps Tips and Hints

Craps is the game that you should play if you like good odds, don’t want to develop a lot of skill for a game, and enjoy the spirit of other players playing alongside you. Although it may look complicated if you have never played, it is deceptively simple. To feel confident in your abilities, it is a good idea to understand the nicknames of dice rolls that your local casino gives to the important rolls.

Knowing the names of the rolls and the types of bets that are best to play are great places to start when you want to play craps. One of the most fun parts of playing craps is feeling like you are a part of the club. Using nicknames for the dice rolls and participant’s roles are all part and parcel of craps.

A blind man would have no trouble finding the craps table in a crowded casino. The excitement and noise is a hallmark of this collective game. Also, the “stickman”, who handles the dice and calls out the dice totals, has a most colorful way of describing your total.

Skinny Dugan is a loser 7.

Jimmy Hicks, the number 6.

Snake Eyes are two 1s.

Yo-leven is 11.

Little Joe from Kokomo is a 4 (1 +3).

And my favorite, Skate and Donate is 8.

These are fraction of the many names you could hear at the craps table. Every stickman is as fast-talking and slick as an auction master and often have some of their own names for these calls. Learning these names isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Just take a gander at a table in action and soon enough it will all make sense.

There are some real tips that can make or break you at a craps table, let’s consider some of the superstitions in detail. While waiting for your turn to “shoot”, it is considered bad luck to toss both of your dice in the air. Sure a pro can juggle one die at a time coolly in their hand, but toss them both up together and you will find yourself all alone at the table.

A big tip to mind is the “7” rule. Never ever say “7” at a table as it is considered unmentionable. Throw a penny under the craps table before you get started for a little old fashioned good luck. In fact, craps is not a game of pure luck, but players can actually fare well against the casino with some smart betting.

The best tips at winning in craps are in developing a sound strategy in your wagering technique. Learn the names of your casino’s favorite nicknames, follow etiquette when playing with others, and finally, learn the proper wagering strategy. Put these tricks in your bag, and you will have an awesome experience at the craps table.

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