Draw Poker

One of the longest standing favorites in the poker world has to be draw-style poker. If you are set in your Hold’em ways, then you really are missing some great fun that is alive in draw poker. A lot of the fundamentals of poker carry throughout all types of poker games, but draw poker has some very different things to keep in mind.

Five-card Draw is the most common draw style poker played. In fact, this is the poker that most of us learn the basics with. First, the player to the left of the dealer must open the game with a “big blind”, and this amount is established before the game begins. The dealer will deal each player five cards, all face-down. Players then look at all of their cards, making sure, of course, that no one else can see them! The first round of betting begins, and all players that decide to stay in the game can then “draw”.

To “draw”, the player will place their undesirable cards face down and slide them to the dealer. The dealer will deal the player new cards so that there are always five cards in each players hand. At most tables, only three cards are allowed to be exchanged at a time. Sometimes, the house rule will allow you to exchange four cards if you are holding an Ace, or card designated wild. The second round of betting occurs and then the second draw occurs.

“Showdown” time means that all players still in the game will show their hand. The player with the best hand is the winner of the pot! Another reason that draw style poker is so great to know, is that most video poker games will use it. If you did not know, video poker is famed to have one the very best payouts in the entire casino. If you have yet to check out draw poker, it is well worth your time!

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