Perfect Pairs Poker

Blackjack is one of our most enduring favorites of all the games in the casino. It is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to truly master it. If you are ready to throw a new loop in your same old routine, than this is one that can truly do it! Perfect Pairs is a very unique blackjack variation.

The rules and the winning suits of Perfect Pairs are imperative to learn if you want to be successful in this game. As the name states, you need to have pairs to win the hand. There are three versions of pairs that can be a winner for you: mixed pair, colored pair or the perfect pair. A mixed pair is the same number but different suits. The colored pair is the same number and same color cards. The perfect is the same two identical cards.

You are eligible for this spectacular win and great payouts if you are dealt these pairs in the first two cards. To make this special Perfect Pairs side bet, there is a special box designed for this. You must make your Perfect Pair bet before any cards are dealt. If you do get the lucky pair dealt to you the payout is well worth it. For the mixed pair, you are paid 6 to 1; colored pair pays 12 to 1, and the Perfect Pair will pay you 25 to 1. Of course, double check this with the casino you play at, although this is the industry standard.

As in other variations of blackjack, strategy is so very important. You should not consider yourself a serious money player until you have a few basics under your belt. The first, and always most important is to have the “basic strategy” down. This is a chart that shows you when to play and when to stay. After this, you can begin to adopt a card-counting strategy. This is not as impossible as it may sound and there are loads of systems that help you keep a running tab in your head so that you can find when it is a better idea to hit and when to quit.

Blackjack is a wonderfully varied game and is so easy to find in many different price ranges. If you are looking to play for fun, you can find free online. If you are looking for money games, keep your wits about you and know the rules inside and out. Enjoy Perfect Pairs for something different than your everyday blackjack scene.

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